Pro-aborts lie about investigating miscarriages

October 17, 2014

KUSA News 9 fact-checks the bogus claim that personhood measures will result in investigations of miscarriages. As you watch the report, you’ll notice that the Planned Parenthood baby-killer Cathy Alderman  provides no evidence to support the ridiculous claim. At the end of the report, News 9 Reporter Steve Staeger talks about how this “could” happen. …

Unborn baby gets dignified burial

October 16, 2014

KVIA News 7 reports that the El Paso Diocese and Bishop Seitz have provided a respectful funeral for Socorro, the unborn baby girl who was found dead in a park. Thank you good people of the El Paso Diocese for providing her head stone.

Huge pro-life display in Canada makes powerful visual statement

October 14, 2014

by Madison Iszler A little over a week ago more than eighty volunteers and staff from awareness campaign We Need a Law gathered on Canada’s Parliament Hill to participate in the biggest pro-life display Canada has ever seen. They met at 6:45 AM on October 2 for a brief period of prayer and devotion before …

Ertelt helps the pro-aborts, again

October 14, 2014

Steven Ertelt is either pro-abortion or really stupid. I’m betting on really stupid. Mr. Ertelt attacked the Brady Amendment (Amendment 67) that is on the Colorado ballot but he evidently didn’t think through the consequences of what he was doing. What could be the possible effect of his attack piece on pro-lifers, especially since the …

Here’s why I’m going to kill you

October 14, 2014

Dave Williams and Amy Chodroff of KLIF News 570 read a letter that a mother wrote to her unborn baby before killing the baby through abortion. The letter is pretty sick. =/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/RADKLIF_10-14-2014_07.39.24.mp3 Mr. Williams correctly points out that the letter is an attempt at rationalizing the killing. But when he says he doesn’t take a …

Womb transplant successful birth

October 13, 2014

KHQ News reports the successful birth of Vincent from a womb-transplant. Imagine if you could pay a woman for her uterus. It’s a horrible idea because it turns the poor into a meat market for the rich. What about if you just rent the womb rather than buy it as is the case with surrogacy? …

Gov. Huckabee endorses North Dakota Measure 1 in a big way!

October 11, 2014

by Cooper Crouch Governor Mike Huckabee appealed to his fans and supporters recently on behalf of Measure 1 — The Human Life Amendment. Huckabee’s vocal support of this measure is indicative of the weight of this task. North Dakota, as Huckabee said, is currently one of the most pro-life states in the nation but is poised to …

Stem cells to cure diabetes

October 10, 2014

NPR’s Rob Stein  interviews a scientist, Doug Melton, who kills embryos in an attempt to find a cure for diabetes. Dr. Melton claims to have a breakthrough but no cure yet. This reminds me of John Edwards promise in 2004 of cures using embryo-killed stem cells: Well, if we can do the work that we …