In the UK: Go ahead and poison your baby

December 4, 2014

BBC News reports that a British court has declared that a pregnant mother poisoning her unborn child with alcohol is not a criminal act. In light of woman’s “right” to murder her baby, it should be no surprised that she may severely harm her baby too. It’s barbaric.

Couple fights over embryos

December 3, 2014

WLS ABC News 7 reports that a woman’s ex-boyfriend wants to stop her from implanting their offspring. When IVF technicians successfully used Jacob Szafranski sperm to create a new human being, Mr. Szafranski became a father. He can’t revoke his parental obligation. This situation shows that freezing embryos should be illegal.

The sacred hour

December 2, 2014

KTVX Good4Utah broadcasts a beautiful segment about the “sacred hour”, holding your baby the first hour after birth. Melanie Longmore of LDS Hospital Labor & Delivery explains some of the benefits of this skin-to-skin contact.

Embryo shopping

December 1, 2014

KTAR News‘s Stacey Brooks and Mark Curtis discuss embryo adoption and IVF. As you listen, notice that Ms. Brooks’ frank commentary shows that her desires, not the child’s needs, were central in the adoption process. =/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/RADKTAR_11-25-2014_13.08.31.mp3 Mr. Curtis repeatedly calls the process “embryo shopping”.  We’re treating human beings as commodities.  

No one asks the baby

November 29, 2014

In much of Great Britain these days, getting a doctor to approve a “medical” reason for killing an unborn baby is a joke. Doctors sign papers without even seeing the pregnant mother. When such murders were first legalized, it wasn’t as easy. London Channel 4 broadcasts a fascinating show called “Confessions of a Doctor”. At …

600,000 embryos stuck in frozen orphanages

November 28, 2014

Parents freeze their embryos and desert many of them in the freezer. WFAA 8 reports of one couple who rescued one embryo from parental neglect and are helping to rescue others through their organization, National Registry for Adoption.

Saving unborn baby boys from TTS

November 27, 2014

KTVU News broadcasts, in it’s Childrens Hospitals Heroes segment, a story of doctors saving two unborn baby boys from Twin-to-twin Transfusion Syndrome.  This broadcast is of particular interest because pro-aborts used Twin-to-twin Transfusion to defeat an abortion ban in South Dakota in 2008.

Getting courts to approve prenatal baby-killing

November 24, 2014

Pro-abortion MSNBC rarely gives pro-lifers any voice on the network, so I was surprised to see the following report. It even shows models of babies in the womb. Juliana Taylor, the lawyer who facilitates the killing of unborn babies, is horrified that underage pregnant mothers might have to defend their baby-killing decisions in court. Ms. …

IVF “oops”, you’re carrying someone else’s baby

November 23, 2014

WOIO 19 Action News reports the story of an IVF clinic mistakenly implanting the wrong embryo into an Ohio woman, Carolyn Savage. The Savages decided to carry the baby to term and hand him over it to his biological parents. Is it really “kind” not to kill the baby?