Pro-aborts lie about investigating miscarriages

KUSA News 9 fact-checks the bogus claim that personhood measures will result in investigations of miscarriages. As you watch the report, you’ll notice that the Planned Parenthood baby-killer Cathy Alderman¬† provides no evidence to support the ridiculous claim.

At the end of the report, News 9 Reporter Steve Staeger talks about how this “could” happen. He’s dead wrong. Pro-aborts imagine a dystopia of horribles and then pretend that this invented dystopia has any relationship to reality. Personhood amendments don’t mandate nor imply such investigations and there will never be any support for such investigations. Hats off to State Senate Candidate Tim Neville who correctly states:

Why would anybody in their right mind try to do something like that?

Mr. Staeger exposes the fact that pro-aborts have no evidence to support this despicable investigation-of-miscarriage claim. Not only do pro-aborts have no evidence to support their claim, there’s solid evidence that the claim is false. Consider these three points:

  1. When abortion was illegal in the U.S. for over 100 years, were women investigated for miscarriages? No. The plain evidence from the history of our country and our legal system shows the miscarriage-investigation charge is bogus.
  2. Abortion is currently illegal in Ireland, yet women are not investigated for miscarriage. This evidence of how a current western legal system works shows that illegal abortion does not mean investigation of miscarriages.
  3. Miscarriage is tragic but all-too-common. It does not provide probable cause or even reasonable suspicion of a crime.

It’s reprehensible and shameful that pro-aborts lie about the tragedy of miscarriage to push their baby-killing agenda.

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