Huge pro-life display in Canada makes powerful visual statement

by Madison Iszler

A little over a week ago more than eighty volunteers and staff from awareness campaign We Need a Law gathered on Canada’s Parliament Hill to participate in the biggest pro-life display Canada has ever seen. They met at 6:45 AM on October 2 for a brief period of prayer and devotion before carefully installing 100,000 tiny pink and blue flags over the expansive lawn in front of Parliament buildings, according to ARPA’s website. The number of flags represented the approximate number of babies aborted in Canada every year.

canadaWe Need a Law Canada is a public awareness campaign that endeavors to build support for pro-life legislation among Canadian citizens. This initiative was meant to raise awareness among Canadian citizens about the value of human life and to prompt changes in law and legislation by civil officials, considering Canada’s lack of pro-life legislation.

Mike Schouten, a spokesperson for We Need a Law, told LifeSiteNews in an interview that the volunteers “are sending a message to parliamentarians to enact a law to protect pre-born babies and stop treating them as a political liability,” according to LifeSiteNews. Schouten said that the display sparked conversations with passersby and was partially meant to encourage pro-life individuals in Ottawa to continue to hold fast to their views.

Canada prides itself on its record of protecting human rights domestically as well as promoting such protection worldwide, yet it remains the only nation in the Western world without pre-birth legislation. Current legislation in Canadian law decrees that only “born,” i.e. children outside the womb, are eligible to receive protection. Additionally, as a result of the 1988 Morgentaler decision, abortions are able to be performed at any point during the nine-month pregnancy period. Unborn children are not considered “persons” in Canada, just as women were not considered persons there until 1929.

Surprisingly enough, the display was not covered by a large Canadian news source whose buildings were located near the display, despite the news source being informed of the display and covering a pro-choice issue the same week.


madison iszlerMadison Iszler is an intern with Personhood USA. She studies Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at The King’s College in New York City. She enjoys journalism, running, and good coffee!

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