Her color could have been a death sentence

WEEK News 25 reports that a lesbian couple wanted a child who looked like them but obviously only one of the two women could be the child’s biological parent. So, they requested sperm from a white, blue-eyed donor. But the fertility clinic messed up.

At National Review, Kevin D. Williamson provides some entertaining commentary:

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a ribeye, extra rare, and the chef or the waiter or somebody messed it up. I sent it back to the kitchen. A lesbian couple near Uniontown, Ohio, ordered a baby, extra white, and their order got messed up — the sperm bank mistakenly gave them the product of a black man, with the result that their daughter, Payton, is half black. And that’s the problem with treating children as consumer products: You cannot send them back to the kitchen.

You can’t send the child back to the kitchen, but you can, as long as she’s not born yet, rip her apart and throw her mutilated corpse in the trash can. But thankfully, Payton’s mother, Jennifer Cramblett, didn’t do that.

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