Ertelt helps the pro-aborts, again

Ertelt prefers spineless politiciansSteven Ertelt is either pro-abortion or really stupid. I’m betting on really stupid.

Mr. Ertelt attacked the Brady Amendment (Amendment 67) that is on the Colorado ballot but he evidently didn’t think through the consequences of what he was doing.

What could be the possible effect of his attack piece on pro-lifers, especially since the attack appears on Will it encourage pro-lifers to vote or discourage them from voting? The answer is obvious. If the Brady Amendment is such a waste of time, as Mr. Ertelt claims, it gives pro-lifers far less reason to go to polls. Either Mr. Ertelt is mindless or he wants to suppress the pro-life vote.

I thought Mr. Ertelt supported Cory Gardner for the Colorado US Senate seat. But if this is the case, why would he want to suppress the pro-life vote, since pro-lifers are far more likely to vote for spineless Gardner rather than for all-you-can-eat-abortion Mark Udall?

Mr. Ertelt knows that pro-aborts will quote him and use his words to attack the amendment. Pro-aborts will use Ertelt to excite the pro-abortion base. So, Ertelt is helping to get out the vote for the frothing pro-abortion left and Mark Udall.

Now that I think about it, maybe Ertelt is a pro-abort.

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